Like most people, I am sure you have had an idea come seemingly out of “the blue.” An idea that seemed like a stroke of genius or a moment of great inspiration. Creative geniuses like Mozart, Einstein and Nikola Tesla all reported receiving inspiration from a realm outside of “ordinary” reality. Tesla often received visions of complete inventions in his mind and would then build what he had envisioned, never doubting that the inventions would work when tested.

While some people are skeptical of intuitive intelligence, I would say that it is our birthright. It comes from the core of our being and is our connection to a larger wisdom and the well of the divine source. In a blog from The Human Company, the author defines intuitive intelligence as “beyond the boundaries of science and analytics,” and explains that, “it bridges the realms of reality, imagination, reason and instinct, and the material and spiritual dimensions of human existence.”

Spiritually, intuitive intelligence has been attributed to coming from a “higher self” or the soul. Some people believe that our higher self makes up just a small part of our actual identity, which is truly unlimited in its intelligence and is always connected with divine source. Psychologically, Carl Jung believed that this greater intelligence came from the collective unconscious.

More ordinary examples of this are the sense of receiving guidance from within, as a “voiceless voice,” or receiving guidance in the form of images of the future. The first time I ever had a clear and unbidden message from intuitive intelligence, I had just spent the summer studying painting at the Arts Students League in NYC. I was planning to quit college and becoming a fine artist. One day as I stared at my canvas, I heard a clear inner voice that said, “You are not going to be an artist in this lifetime. You have something else you are meant to do.”

I was shocked, and yet the thought stayed with me. I transferred to an interior design school and eventually did freelance artwork for interior designers. It wasn’t until my thirties that I discovered my real calling to be an energy healer, and I knew that I was finally onto my soul’s mission in life – to help people with the deepest possible spiritual transformations.

In the days when human beings lived a more primal existence, connected to nature, intuitive intelligence was part of the daily fabric of life. It was a channel of connection that assisted in keeping people safe and connected to the natural cycles of the seasons and the planet. Our ancestors would be shocked at how disconnected modern human beings are from this essential source.

However, intuitive intelligence has not disappeared from our modern lives; we just need to direct our attention to it from a place of centered silence. Presently, we have to cultivate it and develop it, because most of us are so busy with the tasks of daily survival that we miss its message. We often do not take the time to listen inwardly and pay attention to the still voice within until there is an outer crisis disrupting our lives.

How do we become open to intuitive intelligence?

Sometimes, intuitive intelligence uses our outer world to get our attention. It intrudes and makes itself known through a chance meeting, an accident or illness, a book or a sign on the roadway. Once, a friend of mine overheard words from a homeless man on the street that were exactly what she needed to hear in that moment. The man yelled, “Tell the truth!” in a loud and angry voice. She had been needing to have a difficult talk with her husband, and his words gave her the courage she needed to initiate the conversation.

Intuitive intelligence is most accessible when our minds are quiet, during meditation or in the early morning hours between waking and sleeping. This is when we can access a portal to the deepest wisdom of our own being, without the linear mind interfering.

To cultivate your connection with intuitive intelligence, you need to develop a practice of inner listening.

Taking a few minutes every day to sit quietly and ask for guidance from your inner self.

Ask for something specific, like: Please guide me to know my purpose in life.

Then go into a receptive state and allow yourself to sink into your inner self, as if descending into the well of your being. Allow any images or thoughts to arise, and just notice them.

Sometimes the answer to your question will appear hours after you have made the request, when you least expect it, like when you are taking a walk or doing the dishes. At other times, you will get an immediate response. Intuitive intelligence is not interested in your comfort – it is interested in the growth of your soul. It is always directed towards your best interests. It is never interested in petty negativity or egoic concerns. It may take time to contemplate the response you receive, but the rewards are so fruitful and will lead you to a deeper relationship with your true self.