Seeking Deep Roots of Trauma and Unhealthy Practices in the Subtle Body

Jewish yogi and energy healing practitioner Dani Antman’s journey took her on a spiritual odyssey from her childhood in Judaism to studying Kundalini science, Kabbalah, energy healing, and yoga, eventually mixing all into her unique interfaith sessions. Aiming to reach the real roots of past overwhelming life experiences or unhealthy patterns, she specializes in energy healing that is designed to work with your subtle body, or “aura.”

Her sessions are intended to go deep, breaking through the surface and diving into the things beyond. They are individualized to each person she meets with and serves as a time to check in with yourself as a guide wades through the muck that you may be pushing down down in daily life.

It begins with a talking session. She asks a few personal questions, each question a little bit deeper. Clients comment that she has a way about her that makes them feel comfortable, and they find yourself revealing and discovering some things that they weren’t aware of before. “Some people call it a mini-vacation or retreat,” she said.

After about half an hour, she has a sense of what or where needs to be addressed, and her real work begins. Antman placed her hands on my back, under each kidney, transmitting her energy healing through her hands, and asking that I imagine myself washed clean of built-up stress hormones. Even through Zoom sessions with her clients, she says it is the intention that can create the energy healing. Clients have remarked that something about the process makes them just feel better, like a shower for their spirit.

Afterward, Antman debriefs you on the session: what she felt, or saw, during the session. Often this can lead to new ideas, or a revived sense of energy toward life, or considering your connection to the world and to the people that came before you.

“The work is subtle,” she said, “but it can shift patterns and help open up new ways of relating.”

This article was originally authored by Ryan P. Cruz and published by the Santa Barbara Independent website, on January 27, 2022.