Unlocking Universal Wisdom with Dani Antman – Interview by MysticMag.com

Mar 27, 2024 | Articles, Interviews

Dani Antman is described as a prominent figure in spiritual exploration and healing, blending ancient wisdom with modern practices for deep transformation. She is known as a Transformational Energy Healer and Spiritual Guide, with her journey illustrating the power of spiritual awakening and universal principles. Dani’s path was shaped significantly by retreats with David LaChapelle, enhancing her ability to perceive energy fields, ground herself in spiritual life, and assist others in their awakening journeys. Her training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing for four years and teaching at the Nondual School of Healing for nine years were pivotal in her development as an energy healer. Through these experiences, Dani developed a strong sense of consciousness and a commitment to serving all beings. Beyond her personal evolution, Dani now shares her wisdom and compassion by teaching Kabbalah, meditation, and energy healing.

The following is from an interview with Dani Antman (DA) written by Katarina Todorovic and published through MysticMag.com (MM). All rights reserved.

(MM) Can you share a personal experience where you witnessed a profound transformation in a client through your energy healing practice?

(DA) One of the most common reasons people come to me for energy healing sessions is because of heart wounds, from relationship difficulties or break-ups. When we leave someone, there is a literal tearing of the energy cords at the heart chakra. When these cords are cleared, repaired and restored the pain of the loss lessens.

One man, who we can call Charles (not his real name), came to me in deep pain over a break-up. In one session, I helped him by repairing the torn relationship cords, and the emotional pain went away. He was then able to move forward in his life. In later sessions, we worked on his patterns of choosing the wrong partners and he was able to find a healthier relationship.

Most of the time my energy healing sessions have an effect over time as this client shares:

“What keeps surprising me, session after session, is the very rapid crystallization of Dani’s energy work into my life. Triggers keep unraveling, and my focus is always brought back to how they relate to the session. Each session builds upon the last. Dani’s energy work has pushed me to evolve, always respecting my own pace and ability to gently process the material in my daily life.”  L. Du Fournet

(MM) In your practice, you emphasize the importance of working with the subtle body or aura. Could you elaborate on how this aspect contributes to overall wellness and healing?

(DA) The subtle body or aura is analogous to our life blueprint, it contains information in energetic form that shapes our physical body, our emotional reactions and our mental beliefs. It is our energy bubble that allows for our sense of a separate self, and at the same time it connects us to universal consciousness. It also holds a record of all that has happened to us.

When energy and flow are increased through the subtle pathways in the subtle body, long held physical, emotional and mental blocks come forward to be healed.

As an energy healing practitioner, I help the client process this material and release it. This often produces profound changes in the person’s life. It can also be a great aid in repairing physical conditions.

(MM) What type of services do you offer?

(DA) I offer one-hour energy healing sessions and spiritual guidance sessions. I often combine the two in the same session. I am a somatic experience practitioner and I offer gentle body oriented somatic sessions to release the effects of overwhelming life experiences such as accidents, loss, challenging events and relationship difficulties. I am trained in Nondual Kabbalistic healing which uses the ten centers of the Tree of Life to shift the deepest patterns, and return the sense of your fundamental wholeness which is always present, even in the midst of adversity.

In addition, I am a spiritual guide and Interfaith Minister. I help people navigate spiritually transformative experiences.

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(MM) Your approach to energy healing is described as holistic, addressing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Can you explain how you integrate these different dimensions into your healing sessions, and why this comprehensive approach is essential?

(DA) There is a constant interweaving of these three levels. Our thoughts, emotions and beliefs form an energetic construct in our subtle body. When we change any one of those aspects, the others change along with it. Ultimately, the goal of every human life is spiritual: to know who we are, what we are made of and why we are here.

Every healing eventually leads to a spiritual realization or sense of unification. Even if it takes a lifetime or two!

(MM) As an internationally known energy healing practitioner, what do you believe sets your approach apart from others in the field, and what do you hope clients take away from their experiences with you?

(DA) I have been working as an energy healing practitioner for over 30 years. I am dedicated to the deepest path of healing and spiritual growth. This allows me to have great clarity about the obstacles that most people face as they open to healing their lives and embodying their authentic selves.

I hope clients come away with a deeper connection to their emotions, physical ease, a sense of well-being and a more open heart.