How Five Spiritual Myths Are Hijacking Your Awakening

~ Live Encore Webinar ~

1/9/2021 – 9AM PST, 12 PM EST

Dissolve your internal misconceptions and access increased resilience, greater courage, and the inner resources of an authentic spiritual path

A free 75-minute webinar with Dani Antman, healer, counselor, and author of Wired for God, Adventures of a Jewish Yogi

January 9, 2021  | 9 AM PST, 12 PM EST

Even as our world appears to fall into chaos, harmony exists.

We are in the midst of an unprecedented surge of spiritual awakening that is pushing humanity toward its next evolutionary step—a massive shift in consciousness.

Each one of us incarnated with a blueprint for awakening. We are designed to achieve our full spiritual potential and to join the growing global awareness needed to sustain humanity on this planet.

Yet, what does it mean to awaken?

The term spiritual awakening is vague, and often used interchangeably with the word enlightenment, self-realization, and liberation. How do you know where you are on the path… or where you are headed? What do you do if you’ve had a spontaneous spiritual awakening? How do you know if your awakening is even real?

These and other questions loom large for many seekers.

  • Where do you turn for help understanding, processing, and integrating spiritual experiences?
  • How do you establish next steps?
  • How can you tell if a teacher or path truly resonates?

Often we have unconscious expectations about what being spiritual really means. Perhaps you assume that your ego should simply dissolve, your pain should disappear, your relationships should be perfect, or that you should immediately offer your own spiritual retreats.

Perhaps your initial sense of bliss or oneness has disappeared and you’re caught in the same old negative patterns. You might be wondering, where did it go? Did I do something wrong? How do I get it back?

I’m here to help. To help you understand what is happening inside of you—why you have certain symptoms, why certain spiritual practices are appropriate, and what to expect as you deepen into your spiritual maturity.


In this free webinar, we’ll cover:

  • The five most common misconceptions about spiritual awakening and the truth behind them.
  • The five growth stages common to all spiritual paths.
  • How to let go of a romanticized version of enlightenment.
  • Common fears, including going crazy and that enlightenment is only for special people.

This is the guidance I wish I had received. I hope you can join me for an enlightening conversation and a guided meditation designed to support the embodiment of your essential divine light. 

January 9, 2021


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Join us for an enlightening conversation about post-awakening pitfalls and misconceptions.

“It doesn’t matter what subject we’re on, I just like hearing Dani talk. I enjoy the way she perceives the process of awakening, healing, and the world. She articulates very complex levels of processes easily. I love the way she facilitates and it’s rare to engage with someone at her level of awakening. I think she is amazing!”

~ Tom Schneider, Artist

“I have known Dani Antman for over 20 years, as my teacher, energy healer and special wise person in my life. She creates a non-judgmental and loving healing container. After my husband died, her healings helped me climb out of my numbness and tolerate my extreme grief. I am forever grateful for her beautiful gifts of healing, and her understanding of the soul’s journey.”

~ Ellyn Shander, MD

“Dani is a grounded and knowledgeable group leader. I loved the balance of support and learning. Highly recommended!”

~ Sara Rotger, Psychotherapist


“Dani is a gifted, intuitive teacher with the highest level of spiritual attainment, whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for 20 years. She is kind, funny, and human in the midst of her stable, grounded, awakened condition. Dani brings decades of relational skill working with people in all stages of spiritual awakening, to each new student.  If that weren’t enough, her written work is exquisite. I highly recommend Dani as a teacher, healer, author and guide on the path to Enlightenment.”

~ Jonathan E. Labman, teacher,  Licensed Professional Counselor and author of: Simply Awake, Taming the 3-Ring Circus of Your Mind, and An Ordinary Being

About Dani:

Dani Antman has been at the forefront of energy medicine and healing since 1992, when she graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Today, she has a one-on-one healing and counseling practice in Santa Barbara, California, and also works via phone and online with clients from around the world.

Dani was a senior teacher at The School for Nondual Healing and Awakening for more than nine years, and has led workshops at the Esalen Institute, La Casa de Maria, and The Lionheart Institute for Transpersonal Energy Healing. She is certified in Somatic Experiencing, a gentle body-based method used to heal the symptoms of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Her spiritual path has emerged from three traditions: Yogic Science, Kundalini Science, and Jewish Mystical Kabbalah. In her awakening journey, she persevered through a challenging 12-year Kundalini process, experiencing many physical, emotional, and mental trials. Today, she is dedicated to helping others progress on their spiritual path. Dani is the author of Wired for God, Adventures of a Jewish Yogi, a spiritual memoir of healing and awakening.