A session with Dani Antman combines hands-on-healing from both the ancient Yogic and Jewish Mystical traditions, along with cutting edge techniques for releasing old traumas from the nervous system.

Dani believes that the very issues in your life that challenge you are actually portals to healing and transformation. Pain and suffering resolve, when they are recognized to be part of a greater wholeness that is always present within us. Energy healing can give you a new foundation on which to build your life, like giving a weary plant fresh soil, so that it can pull up nourishment from its roots.

During a healing session you are connected to your own innate wisdom to guide the process, so that you can activate your full potential as a human being.

Dani also serves a guide and mentor to people in the midst of spiritual awakening.

What should I expect in a healing session?
No matter which type of healing you receive, the format for all healing sessions is the same. You either come in person, or call me at the appointed time, on Skype or phone. We will talk about your life situation and your intention for your healing. As I listen to you, I bring all of my skills of counseling, extrasensory perception, and trauma resolution to the evaluation process so that the complexity of your being is received.

After we’ve had time to explore your issues together, I will then, support your transformation with a hands-on-healing. I will invite you to lie down on my massage table, or in a comfortable place at home, and I will transmit the healing. You may feel relaxed or energized, feel sensations like warmth, tingling, movement.

After the energy transmission is complete, I will call you back and we will talk for a few minutes about what I perceived, what you felt and how to maintain this new level of being.

How often should I have sessions?
Since lasting change does not usually happen overnight, I suggest that people book a few sessions in a row. I offer multiple session packages at a discounted rate. If you are not sure about your commitment to healing, you are welcome to try a single session to start.

I recommend that you have one session a week at the beginning of our work together. After some time, every other week or once a month is effective to maintain the transformational work.

How can energy healing help me?
For an overview of how energy healing can help you, please look at my specialties page