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Energy Healing

Dani Antman specializes in energy healing that works with your subtle body, or aura, a living record of your life experience. Spiritual, hands-on healing uproots unhealthy patterns, clearing the path for you to be present in the new, productive life you wish to create. Your whole person – not just symptoms – is treated holistically to balance your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Kabbalah Healing

Kabbalah healing is integral to Dani Antman’s practice. Kabbalah healing draws from the Jewish mystical tradition and uses the ten sefirot of the Tree of Life to enliven your greater wholeness. It shifts the deepest patterns enabling you to engage fully in life with an open heart. Then you can embrace your gifts, instead of turning away from life’s challenges in frustration and fear. Suffering ceases as a holistic awakening suffuses your body.

Trauma Healing

We have an innate capacity to heal from traumatic events. Dani will support your healing process with Somatic Experiencing, a gentle way of working with the nervous system that discharges stuck memories, sensations and feelings, so that normal functioning can be returned. She combines this work with energy healing to clear the remnants of trauma and abuse from the subtle body or aura. This work supports your own regulation of your nervous system, and allows you to be in charge of your own experience.