After Effects of the Near Death Experience

5 Keys to Trauma, Stress and Grief Recovery Specific techniques anyone can use to find relief from symptoms that interfere with normal life functioning. Dani works with Somatic Experiencing, a trauma healing method that helped her own recovery from her NDE, brought about by a car accident in 2004, which resulted in major life transformation.…

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My Spiritual Experience and My Jewish Heritage

This essay is about the grace of spontaneous spiritual experience that calls us to a direct and personal connection with the divine. My own call came quite literally through the telephone! It started a lifelong search that has inspired me to delve deeply into the mystical roots of my Jewish Heritage. I was dreaming of…

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Sacred Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet

An ignorant villager, knowing that it was a mitzvah to feast well before Yom Kippur, drank himself into such a stupor that he missed Kol Nidre services. When he awoke late at night, he wanted to pray, but he didn’t know any of the prayers by heart. So he began to recite the alphabet over…

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