Some Wedding testimonials:
From the very beginning Dani was all about my husband and I, asking us very good questions about what we wanted. She was a confident and a heart warming speaker. We enjoyed working with her very much! At the end of the ceremony, many of our guests complimented us and asked about her! Amy and Louis, May 2018

Dani was absolutely wonderful to work with! She was kind, warm, and very professional. She took the time to get to know me and my husband and allowed us to make our ceremony our own. All of my guests thought she was great. We would recommend Dani to anyone! She made our day truly special and we will never forget it! Thank you, Dani!!! Ali & Patrick May 2018

We are beyond thankful to Dani for officiating our beautiful wedding ceremony!!! It was very heart felt and will live in our memories forever. Dani took the time to carefully craft a personalized and detailed ceremony that captured the essence of our love story. She was very flexible and worked closely with us to ensure that our wedding was truly unique and special. She even sent us a draft of our ceremony so that we could review and make changes, if needed. The different components of the ceremony, such as the blessing and readings, flowed nicely and her delivery was beautiful. It was a truly emotional time for us and our guests. We are very grateful that we found Dani and would recommend her to anyone looking to have a memorable wedding ceremony!     Michelle and Gerardo Rojas

My husband and I were fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to call Dani our wedding officiant. Dani is a kindred spirit and has a very kind a gentle soul. Within minutes of posting our request on thumbtack, Dani was emailing and skypeing with us. She takes pride in her roll as officiant and takes time to develop a personal and unforgettable ceremony. Working with Dani was a stress free and enjoyable experience. If you have the choice, choose Dani! You won’t regret it! Leah A.

Dani is wonderful! We are so glad we chose Dani as our officiant for our elopement. From the first email onward! Thank you Dani, for helping to make our special day so easy, effortless and enjoyable. 🙂 Dana and Joe Pifer, San Francisco

Some healing session testimonials:
After our session, I slept like a log from 11 to 5~ went the toilet then went back to “light” sleep till 6!!!! Usually I practice JSJ during my light sleep~ but I didn’t, because I was so relaxed. The best way I describe my light sleep this night is “ a person with no history,” I had zero thoughts in my head!!!! I feel rejuvenated, clear and ready to receive my day. Samar A, Dubai

I feel very grateful to be working with Dani. She has been a tremendous help
to me as I navigate some old trauma and work to release it. Dani has used a
combination of bright insight and intuitive perception that has been very
effective at helping me identify and release previously unconscious blocks.I
particularly appreciate how Dani works with me to bypass my overly used
intellect and access deeper levels of knowing which are much more accurate.
And most of all, I have experienced tremendous healing through Dani’s
compassionate and loving ways of helping me feel safe enough to overcome my
insecurities so that I can do the innerwork I need to do. M. Foster

I wanted to get back to you and thank you for your sweet, caring, session/treatment.
I felt your loving presence and kindness thoughout our time together and left feeling freer and “lighter”.
You were a healing experience for me along my healing journey, and I Thank You.
Tina Lerner, MA
Licensed HeartMath &
Biofeedback Therapist

My beloved has found me!!!
like you said!!!!
Gorgeous mature and very spiritual.
What goodness we have manifested through our work together
heartfelt thanks!! S.L. therapist

I loved my time with the Dani’s Supervision/ Support group. I felt held, supported and nourished on many levels and in a number of ways professionally and personally. The support was kind, direct, strong yet gentle. I enjoy and am fed by listening to other’s stories, how they are working, their path’s, training and intuitive sense. I find much information this way about how others are navigating working with various issues and found much insight through how the issues that were arising and how other people were handling issues. As I shared my own challenges, the support, insight, encouragement was always useful, constructive and directive, a good combination for me. I found that my awareness of how I was holding myself and clients became deeper through the time with this group. Dani’s insights were always right on and helpful. S.R. healer

I am sooooooooo grateful for the depth of work that you do with me. I feel that for the first time in my healing journey, I have touched on something that might be the catalyst for a huge transformation in my life. This might be THE PATTERN, that the healing is helping us to release. S.B. healer

Heart of Healership group: We are a group of healers and professionals who come together once a month to grow, to connect with each other, and to support our professional practices as well as support our own personal growth. It is a very unique group format in that we can have versility in terms of how we each practice, but still find common languaging of what healing is, and what spiritual practice is…it is a helpful way to come out of isolation in terms of being an isolated healer doing some very esoteric work, and receiving guidance and support from like-minded individuals.
In terms of Dani’s leadership, she hold’s us together, helps keep us on task, and continues to help us grow our skills and our own cutting edges. She holds us gently, and give us space to all be leaders when appropriate, as well as guide us and name things for us using the tools of energy healing, Kaballah, and now SE practices. It is a very unique mix of talents that we as a group bring together and it is helpful to be aware that we are all here, doing our spiritual work, and providing services to others who want our particular flavor of developmental and spiritual growth.