Physical, Emotional and Sexual Abuse

“The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself.” Mark Caine

The effects of abuse can be long lasting and devastating. Often memories of abuse are blocked and this produces unexplainable symptoms years after the actual abuse occurred. When unintentionally triggered, these memories come to the surface and flood your system with emotions and sensations that are overwhelming. I help you recover from abusive situations by providing a safe and nurturing environment in which to explore your feelings. I use Energy healing and Somatic Experiencing to heal the effects of abusive in your life. This helps you build the strength, to either stand up for yourself or leave an abusive situation. I help you find your voice, connect you to your core sense of self, and improve your self esteem.

Physical abuse is often the most recognized form of abuse. Physical abuse can be any kind of hitting, shaking, burning, pinching, biting, choking, throwing, beating, and other actions that cause physical injury, leave marks, or cause pain.

Sexual abuse is any type of non-consensual sexual contact between two adults; between a significantly older child and a younger child; or if one person overpowers another, regardless of age. If a family member sexually abuses another family member, this is called incest.

Emotional abuse can be the most difficult to identify because there are usually no outward signs of the abuse. Emotional abuse happens when yelling and anger go too far, creating chronic self esteem issues, anxiety and stress.