Envisioning Your Next Steps

envisioning next steps dani antman“How much am I able to trust the Universe that I am in just the right place at the right time? Am I able to sit quietly and listen and sense into what I should do next, without worrying about what comes after that?  

I think there are two kinds of theories of transformation. First are theories of stage development, where we evolve step by step, such as Spiral Dynamics or theories of adult development. The second are theories where there is a sudden shift, such as the concept of enlightenment, or receiving moments of grace.” Edgewalkers newsletter

The Nature of Change

It is interesting to note that we can’t always define when major interior shifts happen. They seem to seep in and, gradually, we find ourselves living quite differently than we did before.

I can certainly mark moments of grace in my life, and I believe that they are of great importance. They are like reassuring signs from the universe that we are on the right track.

In my last blog, I discussed self-sabotage and the different ways we resist moving forward in life. Maybe you have conquered your self-defeating behaviors, but you don’t know how to envision your next steps. Perhaps you have identified a long-term goal, but you don’t know how to begin.

Modes of Personal Progress

There are two modes of beginning your personal progress, and they complement one another.

The first is to begin with a baby step – some definitive action in the direction of your goal. It can be as simple as buying a notebook to jot down your thoughts, opening a file in your computer and titling it, or finding a picture or symbol of what you want to create. This action, no matter how small it may seem, tells the universe to pay attention – that you are serious about moving forward. It creates a womb-like space to gestate your idea. You then establish your next step and commit to completing it within an established time frame.

The second mode of beginning has to do with looking within yourself, taking a moment to sit quietly and listen inwards. Ask yourself: What is calling you from the deepest part of your soul? Where do you feel this calling in your body? Can you open yourself to this sensation and let it expand? What is the unique task that you came here to fulfill?

Following Our Divine Purpose

When we are in harmony with our destiny, the universe recognizes this and provides help. Assistance may come in the form of a phone call from someone with just the right piece of information at just the right time, a book that falls into your hands and leads you in a new direction, a flyer on a bulletin board that directs you down a new path… The universe has countless ways of subtly coming to our aid.

Robert Moss, a dream expert, suggests looking for “sidewalk tarot” – everyday signs and symbols that offer us guidance. Maybe you’re trying to decide whether to pursue a new job or remain where you are, and you come across a license plate that reads “GOFWRD”. Maybe you’re torn between forgiving someone or removing them from your life, and you see a shirt that says “Make Peace, Not War”. When we go inwards, we surrender to the universe and allow for moments of grace to guide us.

Whenever our linear left brain works in conjunction with our intuitive right brain, we maximize the potential for creative inspiration.

Right now, try taking a moment to sit quietly, listen inwardly and ask: “What is important to pay attention to right now in my life?”

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